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Dirty Pet Pick Up, Delivered Clean!

Service Overview

Nail trim

Dogs of all sizes need nails trim on a regular intervals of about 6 weeks. This keeps the nail quick from growing out to far. It allows the groomer to cut the nails shorter. We trim nails with  dremmel. Nail clippers are only used on extra long nails followed by dremmel. 



All dogs usually love the feel of being clean. We have an all natural cedar based shampoo that kills fleas and helps with dry and irritated skin. Every dog bath includes checking the anal gland. Cleaning of ears also included.


Neat & Tidy

A neat and tidy is sort of a mini groom. The dog is bathed, nails trimmed, gland checked, eyes trimmed, ears cleaned, pads of feet trimmed, potty patch trimmed. Natural cedar flea shampoo used. 



Full Groom

A full groom includes a full body cut to a style of your choice. The dog is bathed with our all natural cedar shampoo. The anal glands are checked. Trimming of nails and potty patch area. Ear hair is removed. Pet is hand dried and decorated with a bandanna.

Matted Dog

Matted fur is very painful to the dog. Trying to comb out mats can irritate the skin. If the fur gets wet or they lick the fur, it tightens as it drys and pulls the skin beneath the mat and sores can develop. Some times the only option for the dogs health is to shave the matted fur off, they will grow out a new beautiful coat.


                                                                       Dirty Pet Pickup & Delivered Clean!

We offer dirty pet pick up and delivered clean. 

An extra fee to cover the cost of gas is required.